Resolve processing

problems with experts.

We will advise on the consequences of non-compliance and assist in resolving any pending compliance issues that you might be experiencing.



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Let the ACQUPAY team

ensure proper processing,

so you don’t have to.

Has your merchant account been terminated? Are your funds being held? Have you had a spike in chargebacks or returns? Are you currently in danger of losing your merchant account? Have you received or have you been notified of a fine from the Card Associations?

If you answered yes to any of the above listed questions your business might need some “Merchant Rehab.”

We design and implement a plan for compliance so you can concentrate on selling.

At ACQUPAY we know that “disputed transactions” can cost you time and money – so it’s important to understand what you can do to avoid and manage them. Let one of our team members show you how to process the right way avoiding issues that can endanger your merchant account.

We can show you how to Prevent and Manage Chargebacks – be proactive with your account in order that you don’t experience your processor being reactive. 

The term “chargeback” describes the process that occurs once a customer refuses to accept responsibility for a charge on his credit card. 

If you are currently accepting credit cards and are experiencing processing issues or problems the team at ACQUPAY can help with an account “Tune Up.”  Understanding the do’s-and-don’ts of merchant processing, and how those rules apply to your business can be quite confusing.  Let the team at ACQUPAY make sure that you are processing the right way in order that you can process credit card transactions year round, without limitations.

Processing credit cards should be simple.  If you are an Internet Retailer or a Direct Marketer, you need to accept cards as 99% of your customers pay with a credit/debit card.

We know the rules, we know how to process transactions, and we know that if you have heard one of the above questions you are in danger of losing your merchant account.

Don’t let that happen – call ACQUPAY today!

By phone: 877.888.5967


Why Choose ACQUPAY?

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The data of our merchants and their customers are always protected with advanced data security.

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Our team of specialized experts provide the software configuration that works best for your business.

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Stop paying overpriced commissions — we offer the lowest processing rates and no hidden fees.

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Receive ongoing service and on-demand support for any requests, repairs, and general assistance. 

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