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Payment Processing and Merchant Solutions

eCommerce Business Merchant Services

You sell your goods to customers down the street and around the world; some customers you know and some you don’t.  This is how business is done today. Online, face to face, over the phone or on the move: our online payment solutions let your customers choose how they pay.

Payment Processing
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ACQUPAY makes e-Commerce processing easy by checking all the right boxes.


  • Multiple payment options. Whether accepting a credit card from a customer down the street or on the other side of the world, your customers want to know that their credit card information is being handled safely and securely. We offer processing in Multi-Currency Processing options allowing settlement in USD while the customers card is billed in its local currency.
  • Fraud prevention. We offer multiple fraud reduction and chargeback reduction tools that will increase profits while decreasing potential losses. We also offer pre-chargeback notification service through independent third party service providers.
  • High Risk Processing Solutions. ACQUPAY specializes in payment processing solutions offering both domestic and international payment options for merchants operating in high-risk MMC’s such as Audiotext, Videotext, Online Dating, Adult Content Providers, Internet Service Providers, High-risk Cyberlockers, Pharmaceutical Merchants, and Tobacco Product Merchants.

Accepting credit cards for your e-Commerce business should not be so difficult, but unfortunately today it is a daunting task. Processing one e-commerce transaction requires multiple components from payment processors and acquiring banks regardless of if you are accepting a card from a customer down the street or on the other side of the world. Add to that a payment gateway, a shopping cart, encryption, and transaction security . . . . and let’s not forget that all of this works in complete synchronization in seconds, not to mention putting the funds for that transaction in your bank account within 24 hours and in some cases the same day.

For e-commerce, the most important thing is trust.

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Why Choose ACQUPAY?

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Secure Payments

The data of our merchants and their customers are always protected with advanced data security.

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Our team of specialized experts provide the software configuration that works best for your business.

Competitive Rates

Stop paying overpriced commissions — we offer the lowest processing rates and no hidden fees.

Dedicated Support

Receive ongoing service and on-demand support for any requests, repairs, and general assistance. 

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