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Payment Processing and Merchant Solutions

CBD, Tobacco & Vape Retailers Merchant Services

Tobacco, CBD, and Vape are all considered high-risk when it comes to payment processing. The FDA is still straightening out the regulatory framework for this CBD & Hemp and Banks are figuring out the recently passed H.R.1996 – SAFE Banking Act of 2021. On top of that the card brands are trying to determine what is legal on a State-by-State basis. The outcome is that most regulations are unclear. Can your business accept a credit card or not?

Not all merchant accounts are created equal – the key to obtaining an account and successfully processing is to avoid potential difficulties and process with a provider that is CBD, Vape, and Tobacco friendly. That’s what ACQUPAY has done for you.

Payment Processing
Merchant Rehab
Risk Management

The key to successfully processing is to use a CBD, Vape, and Tobacco-friendly provider.

Don’t think that means you complete the application, and your business is approved –rules, regulations, and laws all have to be followed and that is what we will help you achieve prior to your account being approved.

Some merchant service providers take big upfront application guaranteeing approval only to tell you . . . sorry your application has been declined. ACQUPAY does not charge any upfront application fees.

ACQUPAY works with high-risk merchant service provides that are not afraid to provide a merchant account and we work with Gateway providers that say process all you want.

ACQUPAY is a reliable payment processing solution for your Tobacco, CBD, or Vape company that doesn’t put its profits first. Your merchant account is our highest priority.

Don’t let your profits go up in smoke call or contact ACQUPAY today and start processing the right way.

That is not a drug. It's a leaf.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerFormer Governor

Why Choose ACQUPAY?

Discover why our merchant services are a cut above the rest
Secure Payments

The data of our merchants and their customers are always protected with advanced data security.

Expert Guidance

Our team of specialized experts provide the software configuration that works best for your business.

Competitive Rates

Stop paying overpriced commissions — we offer the lowest processing rates and no hidden fees.

Dedicated Support

Receive ongoing service and on-demand support for any requests, repairs, and general assistance. 

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