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Payment Processing and Merchant Solutions

Charities, 501c3, and Annual Events Merchant Services

ACQUPAY knows processing for Charities, Religious Organizations, Foundations, and 501c3 organizations. Our team members have more than 30 years of experience helping charitable foundations not only establish a merchant account to accept donations but maintain their account without incurring on-going monthly fees when non-usage occurs.

ACQUPAY offers competitive rates with same day use of transacted funds with our
“True Daily Funding” option and offer cost-free to the merchant processing utilizing our C4 Surcharge* Solution and if processing virtually for free isn’t enough ACQUPAY will donate a portion of its profits from your account to your own charity!

Contributions, registration fees, and sales can be processed at no cost to your charity as we now offer the ability for your customer to pay the processing fees* increasing your bottom line.

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When we team with a nonprofit, our first goal is to be #notallaboutprofit.

Non-profit (501c3) businesses such as Charities, Temples, and Churches as well as Foundations devoted to helping causes such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Children’s Medical Research, and Hospitals are important not only to the economy but to people around the world. These Charities, Religious Organizations, Foundations, and 501c3 organizations although established for the good of man are considered businesses to banks and acquiring financial institutions and therefore must be underwritten and reviewed the same way any other business applying for merchant services is viewed.

With cash and check usage diminishing credit/debit card acceptance is key to the success of your organization receiving a donation, and without the ability to accept a credit/debit card, donations might come to a screeching halt causing a financial disaster.

Regardless of how big or small your organization is ACQUPAY has a processing solution for your business including terminal, mobile phone, and tablet processing options enabling your Charity or Foundation to accept a donation anywhere at any time. And if you want to offer your donors the ability to make a monthly donation, we can help you set up a monthly recurring billing option.

Does your Charitable Organizations have annual functions? i.e., Golf Tournaments, Silent Auctions, Art Exhibits, Fun/Run Walks, A-Thon Events, Get Out-of-Jail Money Raise, Gala, Concert, or Sporting Events. Accepting credit card payments at your charity function just got easier with our Zero-Fee Terminal Rental Program. If you have a function and want to accept credit card at the point-of-sale we will provide you a terminal in order that you can accept credit cards securely. In the event your function does not have a phone line present you can accept credit card via a mobile phone or table as long as you have access to the internet or a wireless network.

If your foundation is currently accepting credit/debit cards please give a call or email us three months past processing statements and let us provide you with a competitive bid on your current processing or establish a second account (as a back up just in case you ever need it).

Non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, charities, and foundations often have some of the highest fees in payment processing. We don’t think that’s right. When we team with a nonprofit, our first goal is to be #notallaboutprofit. We offer discounted solutions and consulting to help nonprofits – allowing them to focus more on doing good.

Call us today or email any questions you may have and start processing with ACQUPAY today.

Nonprofits are the intermediaries between generosity and social change.

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