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Payment Processing and Merchant Solutions

Firearms & Ammunition Dealers Merchant Services

ACQUPAY specializes in providing payment processing solutions to Firearms and Ammunition Dealers nationwide. Our Executive Team Members are gun enthusiasts as well as NRA members. Our team members have more than 30 years of experience helping merchants obtain and maintain their merchant service accounts.

Our banks support your 2nd Amendment Rights to not only own firearms, but to sell them too!  ACQUPAY has merchant processing solutions for online and retail firearms and ammunition dealers.  We offer competitive rates and now offer the ability for your customer to pay the processing fees* increasing your bottom line.

Payment Processing
Merchant Rehab
Risk Management

ACQUPAY’s processing partners proudly support firearms manufacturers, brokers, and retailers.

A few questions first:

  • Has your current merchant service provider notified you of their intent to terminate your merchant account?
  • Has your current merchant service provider increased your discount fees for no apparent reason?
  • Has your current merchant service provider held or delayed a depositcausing financial stress due to an increase in volume or transaction size?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you owe it to your business to contact us today and establish an account with ACQUPAY.

If you feel like your current merchant service provider is not “gun friendly” or you have been made to feel like a second-class merchant because you sell guns and ammunition, contact ACQUPAY today.

ACQUPAY and its acquiring partners are GUN FRIENDLY PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDERS and we are not afraid of servicing your business whether you are a face-to-face retailer, or your sales are transacted over the internet.

We know the rules and we know that you do too! So, if all the “T’s” are crossed, and the “I’s” dotted your merchant account is safe with ACQUPAY. We offer competitive rates with same day use of transacted funds with our “True Daily Funding” option and offer cost-free to the merchant processing utilizing our C4 Surcharge* Processing Solution.

The firearms industry is regulated and scrutinized almost daily and as your firearm friendly processor we know what you expect from us; “keep your merchant account open!”

The 2nd Amendment is your right to bear arms, not sell arms. A merchant account and/or the ability to accept credit cards is not listed in the constitution.

ACQUPAY’s processing partners proudly support firearms manufacturers, brokers, retailers (both face-to-face and Internet) and Ammunition Manufacturers and Dealers Wholesale and Retail nationwide. In other words, if you’re selling it and a consumer want to purchase it using something other than cash, we are here for you.

ACQUPAY is partnered with several acquirers which means multiple processing options for your business and if you are currently processing, we would love to earn your business and be your processing partner or backup solution in the event something bad happens. It is quick and easy just send three months past processing statements and within 24 hours we will provide a transparent cost comparison where you will know exactly what you are paying.

Call us today or email any questions you may have and start processing with ACQUPAY today.

All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.

Daniel BooneAmerican Pioneer

Why Choose ACQUPAY?

Discover why our merchant services are a cut above the rest
Secure Payments

The data of our merchants and their customers are always protected with advanced data security.

Expert Guidance

Our team of specialized experts provide the software configuration that works best for your business.

Competitive Rates

Stop paying overpriced commissions — we offer the lowest processing rates and no hidden fees.

Dedicated Support

Receive ongoing service and on-demand support for any requests, repairs, and general assistance. 

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